Adiponectin Foods

Adiponectin foods, or foods which stimulate this fat-burning protein within your body are obviously within the fruit and vegetable family. Vegetables like spinach have certain enzymes and antioxidants which stimulate the protein hormone.


Pumpkins and pumpkin seeds also do the same.Exercise and monounsaturated fats,avocados, nuts, olive oil and olives are great sources to increase adiponectin levels. Another one is a high quality fish oil.


However, you will never guess what food also increases this fat burning protein—chocolate!


That is right, the food which was thought to make you fat, actually stimulates the protein which kills your fat. There is a catch, however. Only a certain kind of chocolate will stimulate this protein: dark chocolate. Dark chocolate is rich in cocoa, or cacao.


Dark chocolate has its bitter taste because of cocoa, since this type of chocolate is not as processed as the regular milk chocolates which taste way sweeter. Unprocessed cocoa means dark chocolate, which means healthier chocolate, which means higher stimulated levels of Adiponectin. Now there’s something you don’t learn every day.


Adiponectin FoodFruits, vegetables, and (dark) chocolate, all are great foods with which you can enhance your Adiponectin levels; but to get concentrated and serious stimulating levels of this protein, Weight Loss Formula No. 1 would be a better preference.


As Adiponectin-stimulating as this dietary supplement is, it also has a suppressing side. Weight Loss Formula No. 1 simultaneously decreases the effects of one hormone, while it stimulates the effects of Adiponectin. That suppressed hormone is called Ghrelin.