This Weight Loss supplement below is a dietary supplement which provides you with the best possible weight loss method. It increases not only the burning of fat within your body, but also the immediate conversion of the same, said fat into energy to power up your body.

It increases your metabolism to a rate only suitable for athletes and very physically active individuals, without having to exert the same effort they do. In addition, it not only promotes physical health, but also mental health as well.

Weight Loss Formula No. 1 alleviates your body’s stress, both physically and mentally, and it invigorates your moods. All of these benefits are possible because of the key ingredients Weight Loss Formula No. 1 both contains, and detains—Adiponectin, Ghrelin, Leptin, cortisol, and green coffee bean extracts.

Which of these does this supplement use to lose weight, and which one it seeks to lower, you will find out below.

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How To Raise Adiponectin Naturally?

Probably the main ingredient RealDose’s Weight Loss Formula No. 1 affects, is a protein hormone called Adiponectin. This very complex protein hormone (also complex in the way it is pronounced) is something which is encoded within a human’s genetic code.

It is responsible for controlling glucose levels, a common element found in sugars and sweet food. Controlled glucose levels means controlled sugar levels which means controlled fat.

Adiponectin is also in charge of the fatty acid breakdown within the body. Increased levels of this protein means increased levels of fatty acid breakdown. Unnecessary fat would never get the chance to be stored in within the body.

Should you require more increased levels of Adiponectin, it might be imperative for you to know that there are several ways on how to increase Adiponectin within your body for example with certain foods.

What Is Leptin?

While in the topic of genetic code hormones, and before jumping into the next key ingredients which make Weight Loss Formula No. 1 a real weight loss formula, it is vital to not that RealDose Weight Loss Formula No. 1 also increases levels of another hormone called Leptin. Leptin is responsible for controlling the energy levels within the body and is in charge of energy intake and exertion.

This hormone is one of the most important hormones within the body, because it is not only related to weight loss; it is related to the entirety of the energy levels of the whole body. With Weight Loss Formula No. 1 having such impacts on genetic code hormones already, it went the extra mile and stimulated Leptin as well.

A dietary supplement which simultaneously stimulates fat burning hormones and suppresses hunger-inducing hormones is quite rare, much less one that also stimulates the effects of the hormone responsible for the energy levels of the human body.

No wonder Weight Loss Formula No. 1 actually works.

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Why Madagascar Green Coffee Bean Extract?

Another key ingredient to the weight loss processes of the dietary supplement Weight Loss Formula No. 1 is a specially and scientifically designed green coffee bean extract from Madagascar.

Now it is a well-known fact that green coffee beans promote weight loss, but this special extract all the way from Madagascar is said to double the normal weight loss elements of that of the normal green coffee beans.

This special extract of the green coffee bean blocks the body from producing unneeded amounts of sugar, which in turn blocks the production of unneeded and unwanted fat. At the same time, the extract converts the fat stored within the body into energy, which the body can use in absence of the fat. Contrary to popular belief, fat is actually essential to the body, for it is what the body burns on times wherein the body no longer has calories, carbohydrates, and other food nutrients to turn into energy.

Funny Weight Loss PictureWith Weight Loss Formula No. 1 and with its special green coffee bean extract all the way from Madagascar, the body would not need fat because it has an alternative source of energy in the form of the green coffee bean extract effects itself.

The physical weight loss aspects which RealDose’s Weight Loss Formula No. 1 adiponectin supplement provides the body with may certainly be impressive, but what ultimately makes it a dietary supplement worth all the accolades and buzz it has been getting is its secret stress management controllers. Yes, this dietary supplement put in the coup de grace to the mix of its already impressive ingredients—it went after Cortisol.

Cortisol is more technically known as “hydrocortisone”. This is also a hormone, much like Adiponectin, Ghrelin, and Leptin. The main difference Cortisol has with the former three is the simple fact that it is a steroid hormone.

It is more or less responsible for giving your body stress, both physically and mentally. The body obviously goes through stress, when exerting force and when the brain thinks. When the body gets overstressed, the parts of the body which have gotten overstressed get inflamed.

This inflammation causes body parts to bloat, and have the illusion of being “fat”.A very quick tidbit to illustrate how stress can literally inflame the body into fatness is the late, great Winston Churchill. He became quite a hefty man into his later years because he always slept for only 3 or 4 hours every night.

Insufficient sleep causes the body to become stressed. The stressed ultimately built up until Mr. Churchill became what he was: a jolly old plump man.
What RealDose’ Weight Loss Formula No. 1 has done is yet again decrease the cortisol levels of the body to ultimately decrease the stress levels of the body, both physically and mentally.

This decrease in stress levels gives the individual a better mood entirely, and a better feeling overall. A better mood is closely related to weight loss because it is proven by dozens of studies that a bad, or a sunken mood makes people eat more.

Turning that sunken mood into a bright and up-and-about one would definitely lessen eating cravings.Weight Loss Formula No. 1 has achieved the suppressing of cortisol by means of a special herbal extract all the way from Siberia—Rhodiola Rosea. Including this ingredient into this supplement is the cherry on top on an already amazing cake that is RealDose’ Weight Loss Formula No. 1.

According to dozens upon dozens, maybe even hundreds of studies on weight loss, it is vital to tap into the natural bodily functions which control, regulate, and influence fat and weight loss. According to these studies, it is also important to do so naturally, in order for the body to go through weight loss and fat loss the natural way.

These facts are only some of the many which RealDose Weight Loss Formula No. 1 has achieved in doing. It is composed of 100 percent completely natural ingredients, which also makes the body lose fat and weight the natural way.

It is free of any preservatives, additives, and even caffeine. It is what it is, and that is a supplement to the individual’s goal to lose fat and to lose weight. All of this is topped off by leading scientists, food scientists, doctors, diet experts and professional food dietitians recommending RealDose Weight Loss Formula No. 1 to anybody who would like to lose fat and lose weight quickly, effortlessly, and naturally.

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